The Gluten Free Guru

Randi Markowitz is The Gluten Free Guru.  Diagnosed with Celiac Disease 13 years ago, she disliked all of the gluten free products that were commercially available.  Let’s just say that it didn’t taste too good!   So, she decided to learn how to cook gluten free for herself.  Using her family as the “guinea pigs”, she started off with bread, muffins and rolls.  Most of the early tests were terrible failures!  Gradually, over a six year testing cycle, she made a bread that was light, fluffy and delicious and muffins were rich and delicious.  In the spring of 2009, she started selling her fresh made breads, muffins and rolls to the public and the business, Gluten Free Nation, was born.  Our products are now available in 49 states.  She is an expert on the gluten free diet, and is called upon to speak to the media about gluten free diets, thus the name, The Gluten Free Guru, was born.